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Papa plays spoilsport for Beta’s marriage to hot girlfriend

The actor and his hot girlfriend have been in true, mad and deep love since quite some time now. The two also made it official in front of the public eye this year and have been spotted together often ever since. They have been going out on dinner dates and vacations as well and nothing is hidden anymore. What is interesting is that the actor’s family has also accepted the woman in question in their wings, but the father is not ready as yet. He has not been able to come to terms with the past of the woman his actor son is seeing. He has been playing spoilsport, discouraging his son from walking the aisle, even though the couple is ready to exchange their ‘I Dos’.

The actor’s siblings have been on his side, supporting him and trying to convince their father about this union. However, he is coming across as a hard nut to crack. As a result of this disagreement, the papa-beta have not been talking or bonding the way they used to. In fact, the filmmaker dad has also put ambitious plans of a sequel of a cult hit, where he wanted to star his son, on the back-burner.

The beta on the other hand is not ready to relent and is upset with the father for not understanding him, especially when he himself has dealt with relationship complications in his life. What’s heartening amid all this is the fact that the lady is behaving patiently. Even though she isn’t getting any younger, she is not rushing the young man in her life into getting married. Let’s hope the family reaches an agreement and we get to see a big Bollywood wedding and a happily ever after happen soon. Can you guess who this Bollywood celeb jodi is?