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EXCLUSIVE: Shah Rukh Khan to move out of Mannat?

Shah Rukh Khan’s Bandra residence Mannat has been a spot for fans who throng the place almost every day to get a glimpse of the star. On special occasions, especially his birthday and Eid, SRK has been making a point to meet and greet his fans, along with his youngest son AbRam.

Watch Shah Rukh Khan greet fan from Mannat on the occasion of Eid


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However, we hear that Shah Rukh Khan may soon move out of Mannat. The reason is that the house is no luckier for him. For the unversed, SRK turned Mannat into a place where he hosts a film screening, his guests and the building now hosts a grand library as well. But the star and his family have moved into Mannat Annexe. It is this that resulted in his downfall, or so is what the star is made to believe by his Vaastu expert.

A source privy to these details, tells us, “Mannat was a lucky bungalow for Shah Rukh and it took him to new levels of success. He bought a piece of land behind Mannat and shifted into the new building Mannat Annexe. Since then his career has fallen as an actor. He is now planning to do some reshuffling again and move back to the original Mannat.” Shah Rukh Khan’s last blockbuster was Rohit Shetty’s Chennai Express in 2013.

Take a peek into Shah Rukh Khan’s Mannat


The source further told Phillumwale that the Vaastu expert has been able to convince Shah Rukh about Mannat Annexe not being as favorable as Mannat.

Bollywood stars are known to be superstitious and bring about drastic changes in their lives. We won’t be surprised if King Khan does indeed shifts. But we truly wish that he gets back on the big screen in a big way and enthralls us again the way he used to in the past.

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